What can you do with a Pet and Garden Kit?

Kencove-sign_blogKencove has a variety of pet and garden kits available for purchase at a reduced price. These kits are available on the clearance section of kencove.com. We encourage you to take a look, because there’s more than meets the eye with these handy kits!






1One of the uses for a pet kit is to keep your pets contained safely outside. dog_blog_1Creating a playpen for your beloved dog is something pet owners strive for. Making sure this playpen safely contains your pet is vital. Using a pet kit gives you the ability to control where you pet can play, and keeps them out of places they shouldn’t be. Building a playpen allows you to control the environment your dog is in. By limiting where your dog can go, you can rest easy knowing they won’t be digging up your flowers, crossing the road, or pestering the neighbor’s chickens. A portable pet kit also allows you to move the playpen around your yard without creating dead spots from overuse or damaging your grass from constant play.

2A second use for a pet and garden kit is, you guessed it, to protect your garden! Using a portable garden kit allows you to fence off your food supply without a permanent fixture in your backyard. A garden kit allows you to control what gets into your garden and what stays out. Keeping wildlife and unwelcomed garden_blog_1pets out is vital to a successful and plentiful garden. Gardens are no longer simply a hobby, but they allow families to provide fresh vegetables and starches and help them stay on budget and control what is eaten in their households.

A garden kit is not only a physical barrier but can as work as a psychological barrier if you electrify it. With a variety of specifications for each kit, make sure you read the capabilities of each kit to help find the one perfect for your situation.

3Have you ever thought about taking your pets on vacation with you? Although we love to take our four-legged friends everywhere and anywhere, sometimes it’s more of a hassle and danger than it’s worth. Busy campgrounds with new neighbors and wild, unsupervised kids can lead to a disaster with your dog. However, with a portable pet kit, you are able to control where your dog can go. By setting up a pet kit, you keep your pooch off busy campground roads, away from bikers, and out of the tent next door, while still allowing your friend to enjoy the fresh air and change of pace. By allowing your pet to roam around your campsite, you are allowing them to enjoy the time away from home just as much as you are, without worrying about tying them up or keeping them inside your camper. Camping with your pet can be both a time saver and a money saver. You don’t have to worry about paying someone to come feed your dog, dropping them off at a kennel, or if they are in good hands because they’ll be with you. And who doesn’t like a good hiking buddy? With a portable pet kit you’ll be able to move your dog’s fence from campsite to campsite, giving you optimal control of your best friend’s safety and happiness.


4Landscaping can be expensive and a pain to replace! landscaping_blog_1Don’t let deer or other unwelcome visitors make a meal of it. Try setting up a garden kit to help deter deer and rabbits. A portable garden kit allows you to move the wire from spot to spot so you can protect all of your landscaping without an ugly, bulky, permanent fence. Since the garden kits are portable, they can be removed for mowing, additional landscaping work, or winterization. Instead of wasting money by constantly redoing your landscaping, why not keep those critters out? Add an energizer to not only deter them with a physical barrier, but a psychological one as well.


5Placing your weekly garbage at the end of your driveway for pickup is usually done the night before for convenience. With that smelly, often enticing, free meal waiting at the end of your drive, your garbage is a free all-you-can-eat dinner for all types of nighttimedriveway critters. Stop the mess and damage by placing a portable garden kit around your garbage cans. Not only will this help prevent you from having to clean up the mess before work, it will also help keep unwanted visitors away from your house! If the bears and raccoons know your trash isn’t up for dinner, then they will move on and away from your home. Not only will you limit the night activity around your driveway, you will definitely stay on your trash collector’s good side.

6Have you ever look out your window to admire the colorful songbirds enjoying a snack at your bird-feeders only to see a pesky squirrel making a meal and mess out of the seed? Yeah, us too. Eliminate these pesky critters with a garden kit! Just a small section of the portable garden kit can help save the bird seed for the birds. A small energizer will be more than enough to deter those bushy-tailed intruders from making a meal out of your bird seed. Take back your bird feeders and enjoy bird watching again with the help of a garden kit.



The best part about the portable pet and garden kits is their versatility and affordability. You can use a kit to protect your garden, landscaping, garbage can, or bird-feeder, or you can take one on vacation to create a playpen for your pets! With a variety of styles and price ranges, Kencove has the pet and garden kit for you. These items are on our clearance page and are a fraction of the cost of competitors, so get them while they last, because when they’re gone, they’re gone.



In addition to being affordable, these kits are also durable, compact, easy to install, and serve multiple purposes around the house and farm.

Check out our complete line of portable pet and garden kits on kencove.com. Quantities are limited, so orders yours today!

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