Setting your Remote and Energizer Channel

Having the ability to turn your energizer on or off anywhere on your fence line is not only a time saver, but it will also save you from getting zapped. Kencove carries two lines of remote-ready energizers. Our 6-joule (EK6), 13-joule (EK13), and 24-joule (EK24) energizers are remote-ready and work with the Kencove Remote Control and Fault Finder.

The Kencove Remote Control and Fault Finder will work on any of the Kencove EK6, EK13, or EK24 energizers. This means you can use one remote to control multiple energizers or multiple remotes to control one energizer. This feature allows for everyone on your farm to carry a remote without worrying about it working on a particular energizer.

Each Kencove remote can be programed to different channels. This allows you to set a certain channel for each energizer if your farm runs multiple paddocks, runs, or pastures. Although programing your remote for each energizer is not necessary, it is an available function.vpar_2011

Your remote and energizer are preset for channel one when leaving our warehouse. Changing the channel on your remote and energizer can be accomplished with a few easy steps.

In some instances, your remote may not be working with your energizer. You should test to see if your remote and energizer are using the same channel. Although they should be programed to channel 1, it is a best practice to double-check.

To check the channel of your remote, simply turn it on and press the off and kV/A buttons at the same time. The number on the screen is associated with the channel your remote is currently set on.

To check the channel your energizer is set on you must first unplug your energizer. You need to pay close attention to the lights on your energizer to catch the channel it is set on. For the EK6 and EK13, plug in your energizer and count the number of blinks. The light should only blink once, indicating channel one. If your light blinks multiple times, count each blink. If you missed a blink, or want to check again, you can unplug and plug your energizer back in to re-count. On the EK24 model, you will follow the blinking light to determine the channel the energizer is set on. Simply unplug, then plug in and watch where the light blinks. The furthest left light is 1, each channel is then indicated by moving from the bottom left upwards and to the right.


ek6_2014 ek13_2014 ek24_2014


To change your channel, start by pressing the off and kV/A buttons at the same time. Once you see your current channel, you can change the channel in one direction only by hitting the off button until you have reached your desired channel. After channel 9 is reached, it returns to channel 1.

Once you have the desired channel on your remote, you can program your energizer. Once your energizer is plugged in, place the remote to the positive terminal of your energizer. While pressing the off and kV/A buttons at the same time, place the energizer in standby mode. Change the channel by pressing the off button until the desired channel is set to your energizer. You can check the channel on your energizer by unplugging it and counting the blinks/which light blinks when plugging in your energizer.


Check out our video to see a remote in action!


We also carry Stafix energizers. The Stafix 6-joule (EXD6R), 12-joule (EXD12R), 18-joule (EXD18R), 36-joule (EX36R), and 63-joule (EX63R) energizers work with the Stafix Fence Remote with Fault Finder.


Be sure to pay attention to the brand of your energizer. Kencove energizers only work with the Kencove remote, and Stafix energizers only work with the Stafix remote.

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