Kencove Grounding Kits: the Simple Solution to Adequate Grounding

To have an effective high-tensile electric fence you, must start with high-quality parts. grounding-is-key_stock-photoHigh-tensile wire, solid, CCA-treated wood posts, and a reliable energizer are essential. One important element that is often overlooked is grounding. Grounding is key.

When selecting grounding for your fence, you need to keep in mind the type of soil and weather you experience, the size of your energizer, and your lightning protection.ground_stock-photo



A grounding kit can make grounding simple and easy if:

  • Your soil conditions are ideal, meaning it rains often, and your soil is moist, lacks rocks, and isn’t very sandy
  • You are using a 13-joule energizer or smaller
  • Your lightning protection has its own ground bed

Kencove offers two complete grounding kits for your fence line or lightning protection. By purchasing a complete grounding kit, you won’t have to worry about having the right parts and pieces. Our grounding kits are complete, compatible with any energizer under 13 joules, and more economical than purchasing each individual component separately.mgk6

Our kits come in two sizes, 5’ and 6’. Your soil conditions, the size and material of your fence, and the size of your energizer will help determine which size will work best for your operation.




Each kit comes complete with:

  • 3 galvanized ground rods
  • 3 brass acorn clamps
  • 50’ of stainless-steel wire

The 6’ kit comes with three ⅝” x 6’ ground rods, and the 5’ kit comes with three ½” x 5’ ground rods.

Let’s compare costs.

MG5$6.95/ea x 3 = $20.85
MGCB2$1.75/ea x 3 = $5.25
DSC10 $3.50/10' x 5 = $17.50

Total: $43.60

MG6HD$9.95/ea x 3 = $29.85
MGCB2$1.75/ea x 3 = $5.25
DSC10$3.50/10' x 5 = $17.50

Total: $49.75


Ordering a complete grounding kit will not only save you money, it will also save you time, hassle, and you won’t have to worry about ordering the correct size acorn clamps. Let us prepare your easy-to-use kit in one simple box.

save-time-and-money_stock-photoWhen building a fence, or adding electricity to an existing fence, the importance of a good ground bed cannot be overstated. By trying to cut corners and save on using proper grounding rods, you may experience poor amperage and voltage on your fence, making your energizer work harder, and your fence less effective.



If you have questions about grounding, call 1-800-KENCOVE. Our product specialists are happy to help!

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