Grazing with Goats

goat-blog-3Growing up with animals was always an adventure. And raising a family with your own eggs and meat can not only be a great way to monitor what your family eats, but also to teach valuable life lessons about hard work, the circle of life, responsibility, and stewardship of the land.

Having access to additional income, fresh milk, eggs, and protein has become more and more popular. goat-stock-photo-blog1With a surplus of educational videos and blogs out there on the World Wide Web, anyone can use these resources, and, for a fairly low input cost, raise their own goats, chickens, sheep, pigs, or cattle. If you raise your own animals, or if you are considering it, Kencove has everything you need to get started, maintain, and expand your operation.


A good animal to get started with are goats. Goats can be comical and easy keepers. They make a great first animal or pet for children due to their dog-like tendencies and unique individual personalities.  With that being said, each goat has a personality all its own. Some can be well-behaved, social animals, while others can be grumpy old nannies that want nothing to do with you unless you have a cookie.goat-meme

Goats are easy keepers if and only if you have a strong, sturdy electric fence. Nothing short of a good fence will keep goats in. If there is a way out, they will surely find it. Your long-term goals will help you decide what type of fencing you should invest in.nubians-sleeping-stock-photo-blog

If you are looking for a good rotational grazing fence, we recommend Kencove Electric Netting, specifically the NPC. The NPC is 48” tall, 164’ long, orange in color, and has 3 ½” vertical line spacing. This net is perfect for grazing goats and chickens together. With a retail price of $179.95, the NPC is affordable and durable. Made right here in Blairsville, Pennsylvania, Kencove produces and sells the ONLY electric nets manufactured in the USA.

With the ability to link multiple nets together, your length options are endless! The 164’ NPC will make a 40’ x 40’ square. With built-in double-spiked step-in posts, you are able to make any shape needed. Additional step-in posts are available for extra support.goat-blog-2

To keep your stock safely in and predators out, you need to keep your electric net energized. For each 164’ fence you will need 0.25 joules of power. For example, if you have 4 nets connected together, you will need at least a 1-joule energizer.

Your energizer can be solar, battery, or AC-powered as long as it is a low-impedance energizer. A low-impedance energizer sends out a pulse of energy through the fence unlike the direct-charge (weed-burner) energizers of the past. A direct-charge or high-impedance energizer will melt your electric netting causing it to short out, which voids the warranty.

Kencove offers solar, battery-powered, dual-purpose, and AC-powered energizers. Your electric capabilities will determine which energizer is right for you.

EnergizerJoulesRetail Price
Battery-Powered (EAK)0.35$78.50
AC-Powered (EK1)1.0$99.75
Solar-Powered (EKS.5H)0.5$197.75

If you are using the NPC, you will need to ground your fence to complete the electric circuit. This can easily be done with the Kencove Quick Ground (MGQ). The MGQ is a hot-dip galvanized ground rod with an attached driver to easily install and remove your ground rod. The MGQ works great with small energizers and will provide sufficient ground for a 1-joule or smaller energizer. With a retail price of $17.75, the Quick Ground is an affordable, easy grounding solution.goat-stock-blog-on-bench

If you don’t want to be hassled with a ground rod, or have poor grounding conditions, Kencove offers Positive/Negative Electric Netting. The posi/neg net will provide an electric shock without a ground rod. All of our posi/neg nets work when your livestock or a predator touches two horizontal lines. One acts as the hot and the other as your ground. By touching a hot and ground wire, the animal is completing the circuit without a ground bed.

A comparable posi/neg net to the NPC is the NPX. The NPX is 48” high, 164’ long, orange and green in color, and has 3 ½” vertical line spacing. The NPX has 13 double-spiked step-in posts and gives you a secure, portable net without the worry of poor grounding.

You can use any of the above energizers for the NPC or NPX. Just like the NPC, the NPX is made in the USA and a low-impendence energizer is required. With a retail price of $194.95, the NPX is slightly more expensive than the NPC, but you don’t need to purchase a ground rod.

NPC Net$179.95
Ground Rod (MGQ)$17.75
Energizer (EAK)$78.50

Total: $276.20


NPX Net$194.95
Energizer (EAK)$78.50

Total: $273.45

Either combination will provide you with an affordable grazing option for your goats. Both nets will also successfully contain large poultry that have their wings clipped.

For more information on goats, how to get started with goats, or how to implement rotational grazing into your goat herd management plan, check out these great resources!

Hoof Hearted Farm

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association– Rotational Intensive Grazing with Goats

 You can also call your local extension office or land-grant university.


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