Fiberglass Posts – Made in the USA

Did you know that Kencove has over 4,000 items that are made in the USA? Many of which we manufacture right in our warehouses. Now, it is more important than ever to put your dollar where it matters, and purchase USA made products.  This blog series will be featuring all the great products Kencove has that are made in the USA!


Fiberglass Posts

Fiberglass posts are great for rotational grazing or any temporary fencing project. They do require insulators, your choice of fencing barrier (wire, rope, or tape) and energizers to work efficiently. Fiberglass posts are a great choice because there are a variety of options to get any job done. Kencove offers standard predrilled rods, custom cut rods, step in posts, and colored posts. Better yet, they are all made right in the USA!


Predrilled rods offer ease when installing insulators and reduce the possibly of splintering. Our Sunguard FiberRod Posts also have a protective coating to prevent yellowing and splintering. These fiber rods also flex upon impact which make them extra durable.


Kencove’s custom cut fiber rods are the most affordable fiberglass post we offer. They are uncoated and custom cut to the length you desire. Simple as that!


Step in posts are a seamlessly functional way to do any temporary fence project. They have stationary plastic clips to hold rope, wire, or electric tape. The tapered end allowed for fast and easy installation and the protective coating prevents rusting and shortages. A win-win for any quick application.


Colored fiber rods are perfect for high visibility situation whether for large terrain or weather related. Kencove supplies yellow and pink fiberglass posts which are great for any high visibility application.


Fiberglass Post Accessories Made in the USA!

Rod Clips

Kencove’s Rod clips are all made in the USA as well! Rod clips are used on fiber rods to secure the polywire or rope in place. Rod clips stay with the post when relocating the fence- unlike t-posts which use a clip that is often lost while moving the fence. If a more permanent installation is needed, the stainless-steel clip can be made to grip the post much tighter. Using a pair of pliers, bend the long tail around the rod and bend around the short tail.


Check out our Rod Clips here.


Cotter Pins

Cotter pins are a great economical way to fasten wire to a fiber rod. Holes must first be drilled in the fiberglass rods or get yourself some predrilled fiber rods. Clip the pin onto the wire, put the 2 legs of the pin through the hole and bend the ends back to the fence wire.


Shop USA made Kencove Cotter Pins here.


Drive Caps

Drive caps are very important to protect your fiber rod post. Fiber rods are known for splintering when handling, in order to prevent that, use drive caps! Kencove offers a variety of sizes to fit anywhere from ½’ to 5/8” diameter fiber post.


Snag them up here.

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