Driven vs Handset Fence Posts

PDSHD8_2010A driven post (i.e, Shaver/KIWI Post Driver) is 10-times stronger than a handset post.  The way the earth displaces when the post is driven makes the post tighter in the ground. A concrete-set post can be as strong as a driven post provided it is set properly and allowed to cure. A concreted post needs a cure time of 3 to 4 days, thus a delay in building until the post is secure with the hardened concrete. A driven post means immediate fence construction.

If you have no means of using a post driver or the fence line is not accessible by a post driver, then concreting the brace assembly posts is a must. grounding A line post does not necessarily need to be concreted as it is only a line support.

Proper installation of a post using concrete:

If you handset posts for brace assemblies, set the end post in concrete to keep it from uplifting. Dig the hole with a bell-bottom shape as illustrated. Before you place the post, hammer a ring of staples, driven halfway in, around the end of the post about 2″ from the bottom. Place the post and tamp 8” of dry concrete mix in tightly. The soil moisture will cause it to set up. Fill the remaining hole with tightly tamped dirt to ground level. For gate posts, add an additional 8” of dry concrete mix 18” from the top of the hole. Fill the hole with dirt to ground level and tamp it tightly. The use of the Kencove Tamping Bar has a unique concave shape to make it easier to tamp the soil solidly around the fence post.

Done properly, driven or concreted corner and end posts are stronger, plus they will support a fence line significantly longer than a handset post!

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