Choosing the Right Post Driver


Kencove PD100

Farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, backyard agriculturalists, and fence contractors all have one common issue when it comes to installing fences…how to get those darn fence posts into the ground. Some turn to able-bodied children of their own or the neighborhood kids. Others spend countless hours tamping away by hand after digging a hole, and hand setting a post. However, there is an easier, less exhausting, safer, more reliable, more efficient option out there for those faced with the daunting task of pounding posts. What is this revolutionary tool you ask? It’s a post driver!


KIWI 3-Point Side-Slide Self-Contained Driver

Kencove offers a wide range of post drivers for the average farmer, the large rancher, or the everyday, post-pounding fence contractor. We offer four brands of post drivers in a wide range of prices to fit any need. By talking with one of our product specialists, we can help match you and your operation to the best post driver.


When considering a post driver it is imperative to keep these factors in mind.

  • Size of your operation
  • Size/type of your equipment
  • Size of the posts you will be installing
  • Price range
  • Terrain
  • Type of soil conditions

KIWI Self-Contained Skid-Steer Mounted Driver

We offer four brands of Post Drivers to choose from. Each brand has unique components, price points, and features.

For locations in the Northeast with rocky, uneven terrain, we recommend:

In most cases with uneven terrain, we suggest a post driver with the hydraulic tilt function, if it fits your budget.



Valve Bank on a KIWI Post Driver

Depending on the size of your operation and the type of equipment you have access to, you may want to invest in a larger unit such as the Vector PV3RS or Nitro PDN1000. For smaller farms, we recommend the Kencove PD80 or Kencove PDSHD8H. These units are much more affordable and more reasonable for a small farm with light use and a smaller tractor or skid-steer.

For ranches and farms in the Midwest and West, we suggest:


KIWI 3-Point Side-Slide Self-Contained Driver


KIWI Self-Contained Skid-Steer Mounted Driver

With much more even terrain and softer soils, states in the Midwest and West may not require a model with hydraulic tilt.





Once again, depending on your budget, needs, and location, the ideal post driver is going to vary. We recommend talking with one of our product specialists to help pair you with the perfect driver that fits your budget.


3-Point HitchSkid SteerExcavator
logokencove• PD80
• PD80H
• PD100
• PD100H
• PD80SS
• PD100SS
• PD100HSS
logokiwi• KPDT3P
logonitro• PDN1000
• PDN750
• PDN1000X
• PDN750X
logovector• PV3RS


When calling, be prepared for a few questions from Hoss, our post driver expert.

  1. What type of tractor/equipment do you have? If you’re not sure about how much umph your tractor can handle, check out to help give you a better idea of what unit would work best with your machine.
  2. What are your expectations of the unit?
  3. How often will you use it?
  4. What plans do you have? Are you starting up a farm? Maintaining a fence line? Starting a business in fence installation?

Nitro 750 Excavator Driver

If you are local to our Blairsville, PA warehouse and have a small amount of posts to drive, we offer two post driver rentals. We have a Nitro PDN750 and a Wheatheart trailer unit available. Rentals run at $200.00 for the first day and $175.00 for each consecutive day after. For more information about these units, call 1-800-KENCOVE.







Next time you are out in your pasture dreading digging and setting those posts by hand, keep Kencove in mind. You can save a lot of time and energy with an affordable, powerful, reliable Kencove Post Driver.

tractor with 2 post driver

We have ’em packed up and ready to go! Just give us a call at 1-800-KENCOVE, and we’ll have your post driver on it’s way.         *Tractor not included*

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