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Post Driver Info

Kencove’s units are made the same as Shaver’s drivers They will all drive up to 10′ long posts. The diameter of post that can be driven is restricted by the size of the “H” beam. It is about one inch smaller than the outside width of the “H” beam. The model number for the […]

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Shaver Drivers

  TOUGH JOBS WITH MADE EASY The Worlds Finest Post Drivers    Fast and powerful, rugged and reliable, Shaver post drivers are the world’s finest.  They’re built for heavier than the job requires.  With only six moving parts, these machines perform year after year without a breakdown.    You can choose from five models of Shaver post […]

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Shaver Specifications

Features and Specifications PD-8 PD-10 PD-12H Impact at Full Stroke 30,000 lbs. 71,500 lbs. 100,000 lbs. Effective Weight of Spring Powered Hammer 360 lbs. 725 lbs. 1,100 lbs. Drives a 4-5″ post in as little as 10-15 seconds. Operating Distance Above Ground 53-126″ 53-128″ 53-128″ Operating distance above ground is adjustable on all models. Post […]

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Shaver Hydraulic Set Up

Shaver Driver Hydraulic Setup  

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Shaver Specifications Shaver Drivers Shaver Hydraulic Set up    

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