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Does an Electric Fence Have to Make a Complete Loop?

A commonly asked question is, “Does an electric fence have to make a complete loop?”

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Protecting Bee Hives with Apiary Fence

Bears are very smart and usually don’t forget, therefore, a psychological barrier will easily prevent the devastation of bees, hives, and honey.  A bear with a sweet tooth can destroy all your efforts and hard-earned money. A well-constructed electric fence will keep bears out of any apiary and do its job for years.  Electric fencing […]

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Lightning Strikes and Fence Wire

It is not a matter of if, but when your wire fence will get struck with an uninvited bolt of lightning.  A wire fence is a large antenna that can act as a highway for lightning to travel to ground.  As a lightning strike travels down the wire looking for an exit, it may destroy […]

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Benefits of a Solar Energizer

Like an AC electric fence, a solar-powered (DC) electric fence can be used to keep livestock and pets safe and secure or wildlife and pests out. Unlike an AC fence charger, a solar fence charger uses a small solar photovoltaic (PV) panel to collect and convert sunlight into energy, which is then stored in the […]

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Winter Grounding

Old Man Winter shows no mercy on a farmhand and their stock.  Winter makes everything on a farm harder, even keeping the stock within the  fence line.  Last winter was  frigid, and we were asked  several times, “Why does my  livestock keep getting out  when my charger is working  perfectly?”  Frozen ground  conditions wreak havoc […]

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