Coated Wire Fence Repair

Similar to high-tensile fence, coated high-tensile wire can be repaired easily with a few tools and materials. As a quick refresher from our last blog, you will need to do a quick walk around your fence line. Once you have noted your major repairs, such as broken insulators, cracked posts, sagging wires, or loose braces, you can start creating your list of materials. Some basic supplies to keep on hand all year long are crimp sleeves, strainers, extra wire, underground wire, insulators, split bolts, a fault finder, and a spare energizer. With these supplies, you can complete most basic repairs quickly.

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Repairing Your High-Tensile Fence

Repairing your high-tensile electric fence can be complicated. Luckily, Kencove is here to help. With a few tools and supplies, your fence will be ready for spring calves, grazing sheep, or happy horses. Ideally, you want to read 6,000 to 8,000 volts or more on your fence. In our previous blog we detailed a quick list of products you will need to make major or minor fence repairs. You also need to identify the parts of your fence that are in need of a tune up. Some popular repairs are cracked insulators, sagging wire, broken wire, and a loss of voltage. Once you make your repairs, your voltage should come back. If not, we will walk you through some quick troubleshooting to identify where you are losing your voltage. Continue reading »

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Repairing Your Electric Fence



Winter takes its toll on everything, including your fence. Fence repair season is coming, and now is the perfect time to stock up on all your fence repair essentials. Find your fence type below to locate your corresponding list of fence repair products.

Kencove offers a wide selection of wire, tools, insulators, and energizers to repair an existing fence line, update a fence, or start a new project.

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Finding The Fault

Finding the fault along your fence line is a dreaded chore. It can be frustrating and time consuming. Fortunately, Kencove offers a wide range of tools to help you find and resolve issues along your fence line quickly and easily. Continue reading »

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Kencove and Gripple Announce Exclusive Partnership

Gripple, Inc, worldwide manufacturer of Gripple tensioners and tools, and Kencove Farm Fence are excited to announce a partnership that makes Kencove one of only two master distributors of Gripple products in the United States.

Gripples’ cutting edge products paired with Kencove’s warehouse locations and shipping efficiency allows Gripple to streamline distribution and delivery times.

Current Gripple customers will still enjoy the same low pricing, but with five warehouses throughout the United States and a staff of product specialists, customers can count on Kencove to have the product in stock, to ship it the next day, and to provide customer service for orders, troubleshooting, and installation.

“Gripple has had a great relationship with Kencove for many years, and we are proud to expand on this partnership. Their nationwide reach and emphasis on customer service makes them a perfect choice for exclusive distribution,” said Payne Hall, Gripple’s Business Development Manager.

“Kencove has sold Gripple products for many, many years, and it’s been amazing to see the market grow and expand. We are very excited to continue the growth of this product through our nationwide distribution. We are committed to providing the best prices and customer service to current Gripple customers,” explained John McConnell, Kencove General Manager.

The partnership officially began on January 1, 2019. Kencove will continue to stock a full line of Gripple tensioners and tensioning tools, while adding bulk packs of tensioners – bags of 20 and boxes of 200 – for contractors, retailers, and fence installers.

For more information, or to place orders, customers can contact Gilbert Woodley, Kencove product specialist at 1-800-536-2683 or email

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