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Insulated and Non-Conductive Bracing Systems

Most fence contractors and professional farm fence builders will likely agree that the backbone of your fence system is the corner posts and bracing. Your corner posts, end posts, and gate posts are the beginning step, and installing them properly will help ensure a quality project. Treated wood posts are most commonly used, but steel […]

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Protecting Bee Hives with Apiary Fence

Bears are very smart and usually don’t forget, therefore, a psychological barrier will easily prevent the devastation of bees, hives, and honey.  A bear with a sweet tooth can destroy all your efforts and hard-earned money. A well-constructed electric fence will keep bears out of any apiary and do its job for years.  Electric fencing […]

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What Does It Cost To Run A Fence Charger?

Over the years, many people have asked me, “How much is it going to cost to run my electric fence charger?” I usually respond with “pennies-per-month,” but this is pretty easy to compute yourself. The two things you will need to know are how many watts your particular charger pulls and the kilowatt charge from your particular […]

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Woven Wire

Woven wire, commonly referred to as field fence, is made of horizontal wires that are permanently attached to vertical wires (stays).  In most cases, the woven wire has graduated spacing where the horizontal wires are spaced closer together near the bottom and further apart toward the top.  The narrow spacing at the bottom is meant […]

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Top 5 Fence Tools for High-Tensile

There are specific tools you should use to install high-tensile fence.  Kencove has an extensive line up of expert tools for building high-tensile fence. Proper tools ensure that the job is done right every time!  Here is the list of our Top 5 Fence Tools needed to complete a high-tensile fence project. Spinning Jenny– A good […]

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