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Breaking Strength of High-Tensile Wire

Often confused, PSI and KSI are really just a conversion of one another. In terms of advertising our wire PSI and KSI represent minimums relative to breaking strength. PSI=Pound per square inch KSI=Kilo-pound per square inch=1000 PSI 210 KSI=210,000 PSI PSI  used to calculate the breaking strength of wire Area=(½ x diameter)² x Π Where minimum breaking […]

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Wood Post Information

Treated Wood Resources : Kencove recommends pressure treated southern yellow pine for most applications. Here are some additional resources on treated wood products. CCA Fact Sheet: PDF (11K) ACQ Fact Sheet: PDF (26K) ACQ Material Data Sheet: PDF (47K) Revised EPA statement on CCA: PDF (161K) Metal Fastener / Treated Wood Fact Sheet: PDF (452K) […]

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Suggested Uses

Wedge-Loc Suggested Uses Bracing Suggestions & Ideas Mix and match diagonal & horizontal braces to build your own style of brace.NOTEIf you have a corner that is not square, and is running off on a different angle, just install two separate single diagonal braces in the direction of you fence line and wire the posts […]

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Installation Guide

Wedge-Loc Installation Guide INSTALLATION with a POST DRIVER and FENCING PLIERS Turns T-Posts into Fence Braces…Fits all U.S., Canadian & Mexican steel T-Posts… IMPORTANT Follow these instructions for best results.Choose the type of bracing system you need(in-line or corner brace) ***BE SURE ALL POSTS ARE IN LINE & SQUARED UP***   HORIZONTAL BRACE 2-Collars 2-Wedges […]

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Installation Guide Suggested Uses    

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Crimp Tool Usage


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Planning and Installing

Planning and Installing High-Tensile The six-wire fence is a popular high-tensile fence. It can be electrified to make it more secure, but it will generally keep stock from escaping even if the electric is off for an extended period of time. The 60 inch high anti-deer fences, 48 to 54 inch high cattle or horse […]

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Single End Brace

5 Easy Steps to Building a Single End Brace DRIVING THE ANCHOR POST When driving your anchor post, lean it the opposite direction of the pull of the line wires. BRACE POST SPACING Layout your 4” x 8’ horizontal brace post (must be a minimum of 8’, 10′ length is ideal) as a distance guide […]

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High Tensile Fence

Planning and Installing Wood Post Information Crimp Tool Usage Wedge-Loc Single End Brace    

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