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Benefits of a Solar Energizer

Like an AC electric fence, a solar-powered (DC) electric fence can be used to keep livestock and pets safe and secure or wildlife and pests out. Unlike an AC fence charger, a solar fence charger uses a small solar photovoltaic (PV) panel to collect and convert sunlight into energy, which is then stored in the […]

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Winter Grounding

Old Man Winter shows no mercy on a farmhand and their stock.  Winter makes everything on a farm harder, even keeping the stock within the  fence line.  Last winter was  frigid, and we were asked  several times, “Why does my  livestock keep getting out  when my charger is working  perfectly?”  Frozen ground  conditions wreak havoc […]

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Building a Better Fence

Charles Kendall, a successful Blairsville, PA dairy farmer, became frustrated by the time-consuming and occasionally painful process of working with barbed wire.  So, when he started a fence contracting business in 1980, he decided to explore techniques to improve the efficiency of fence building.  Kendall recognized the advantages of high-tensile wire and hoped to make […]

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Fencing By Remote Control

By Gail Damerow (Printed in Backyard Poultry Magazine)   The pasture where our laying hens forage is surrounded by a smooth-wire electric fence that’s designed more to keep predators out than to keep the chickens in. During the day the hens freely duck through the fence to forage in our orchard. That’s okay, because we […]

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Solar Panel Calculator

As a general rule, you will need 10 watts of power for each output joule of your fence energizer. For example: 3-joule energizer = 30 watt solar panel. Use the calculations below to determine wattage needed for your energizer and location. Step 1: Calculate the Ah per day needed Determine wattage of the unit. Battery […]

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Grounding Issues Fundamentals of Grounding Earth (Fence) Ground Return System Stray Voltage & Interference Testing the Ground Bed Ground Bed  

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Stafix Fence Manual

INTRODUCTION HOW AN ELECTRIC FENCE WORKS PLANNING ENERGIZER INSTALLATION FENCE CONSTRUCTION FAULT FINDING REGULATIONS AND SAFETY POINTS TERMINOLOGY INTRODUCTION Stafix is committed to supplying a complete system of quality electric fencing products and services to the farmer. Stafix already supplies the highest quality accessories such as insulators, fence reels, polywires and tapes, gate hardware and […]

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Bear Fence

By: Craig Cella (printed in Bee Culture Magazine) I live in the center of Pennsylvania, where the terrain ranges from beautiful river bottom farms to remote mountain forests and every kind of in-between habitat and you can see a bear in any of them. Bears are very adaptable and learn quickly where to find a […]

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Energizer Repair

Energizers can be damaged by lightning, insects or even a power surge. If you need a repair, or an estimated cost for repair, please read and follow the instructions below: Ship charger to: 344 Kendall Rd, Blairsville, PA 15717.  Please include name, address and telephone number, taped ONTO the energizer. If the cost of the […]

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Lightning Diverter

The diverter ground bed must have more ground rods than the energizer ground bed. Proper Installation of your lightning diverter is essential to its operation in the event of a lightning strike on the fence line. For best Results: Install the lightning diverter close to the fence charger (minimum 50 ft between beds) The easiest […]

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