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Woven Wire

Woven wire, commonly referred to as field fence, is made of horizontal wires that are permanently attached to vertical wires (stays).  In most cases, the woven wire has graduated spacing where the horizontal wires are spaced closer together near the bottom and further apart toward the top.  The narrow spacing at the bottom is meant […]

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Lightning Strikes and Fence Wire

It is not a matter of if, but when your wire fence will get struck with an uninvited bolt of lightning.  A wire fence is a large antenna that can act as a highway for lightning to travel to ground.  As a lightning strike travels down the wire looking for an exit, it may destroy […]

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Top 5 Fence Tools for High-Tensile

There are specific tools you should use to install high-tensile fence.  Kencove has an extensive line up of expert tools for building high-tensile fence. Proper tools ensure that the job is done right every time!  Here is the list of our Top 5 Fence Tools needed to complete a high-tensile fence project. Spinning Jenny– A good […]

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Testing Electric Fence

Testing your fence when it is first constructed is always a good first step. This will give you an idea of what the fence voltage should be.  Test your fence with an electric fence voltmeter. The active voltage on the fence will usually be less than the output of the fence energizer due to resistance […]

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Sacrifice Paddock

A sacrifice paddock is exactly that – a small lay of land utilized for heavy use without ruining valuable pasture.  Every farmer is concerned with livestock over-trafficking profitable fields and pastures during dry, wet, and cold seasons.  The sacrifice area makes problems like mud and manure manageable and decreases pasture maintenance. Usually this paddock is […]

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